Technology In Education



Upon writing this post, once again, it becomes clearly demonstrated how technology keeps spirally gaining ground in the educational field.  With tools like this one an educator can easily reach, not only many students, but from wide distances as well.   

My name is Arturo I. Alemán  and I am an English and Computer teacher.

My purpose with this blog is to:


  •   Participate in a learning community already established.
  •  Reach as many people as it becomes available through out cyberspace.
  • Keep learning with the feedback obtained in my blogspace.

And yes, I am thoroughly enjoying my first blogging experience!!!


4 Responses to “Technology In Education”

  1. Welcome to the EDUCATIONAL CYBERSPACE. We will be sharing many ideas and resources because I am also a Tech Ed and ESL teacher. Howl at me if you need any help with your tekkie endeavour.

  2. marivette Says:

    The technology is a great resource in the education. But it is a great opportunity to contribute with your knowledge and experience for others professors, students and the community in general. Continue with your excellent work.

  3. Me gusta tu blog y lo voy a recomendar a mis compañeras maestras de inglés. Entré a las actividades para estudiante y me encantó. Te deseo mucho éxito en todas tus actividades.

  4. Hi, I love black backgrounds, my class website is black too!
    Nice to see more and more teachers embracing technology.
    Good things will happen, I’m very sure of this.
    Keep the good work.

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